K2 Australia - makers of Bob Beck Instruments.  

Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser, Bob Beck Zapper, Colloidal Silver Generator, Water Ozonator, and Beck Protocol Packages.

We are manufacturers of quality Bob Beck instruments including, Magnetic Pulser, Beck Zapper, Colloidal Silver Generator, Water Ozone Generator , Beck protocol Packages, and our unique BMC-03 3 in 1 MultiCell. All instruments closely follow the research of Dr. Bob Beck.

Australian made, perfect for researching the Bob Beck Protocol or use individually. Since 2007.

FREE delivery Australia wide (Excluding Electronic Parts and Accessories).


Please note:
WE ARE CLOSED UNTIL JULY 4th. We are attending health seminars overseas.
We still accept orders but delivery will not be until on or after July 4th.



Dr. Bob Beck Interview.

"You will never miss work again. This is the best investment that you can make in your health. It is taking back your power from the doctors and the pharmaceutical houses who have had it for generations. And we guarantee it. We have stacks of testimonials, hundreds of astounding spontaneous remissions, and we have medical records to prove it. It will work. Not maybe. It is the most valuable information that I have ever seen."

- Leading Edge Magazine, Interviewing Dr. Robert C. Beck.